The Mobile Educational Center for Marine Biology. A new form of communication with nature. Entering the Coral Truck, our visitors have “diving” experience, often for the first time in their lives.

The basis of the exhibition is a virtual coral reef. The heart of the exposition is a 3D video that captures the life of the reef and its inhabitants. This is the original development of our team, which has no analogs in the world.

The meticulous selection of various methods and numerous attempts allows us to combine the interactive 3D exposition with a confined semi-trailer space. It made possible to arrange a large amount of educational information in a very small room and make the Center mobile. It can get itself to places where no one has seen the sea.

This solution proves to be so successful that, in addition to the multimedia part, there is enough room for the traditional museum exposition like showcases with exhibits and artifacts, marine animals’ molds and life-size replicas. We even found a comfortable place for a “Laboratory of Water”, where visitors might participate in experiments.

Coral Truck is a unique format. In addition to an exciting 3D interactive show, we offer education in a comprehensible and entertaining way. The visitors meet the real life of the underwater world without intrusion into nature. Our project used only non-destructive technology.

We do not seize anything from wildlife, except video, we have no living creatures. This is our firm and fundamental attitude from the very beginning.

The mobile educational center Coral-Truck is parked in Moscow, Russia now and we are preparing it for a world tour.